Day In​/​Day Out

by Maineak Recordings

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released July 29, 2016

All music and lyrics written, played, sung, and recorded by Tyler.
*Except for "My Life, My World" which is written by The Virus.*

Thank you to all the fans that like and support what I do.
Stay tuned for my first full length album that's coming soon.



all rights reserved


Maineak Recordings Salt Lake City, Utah

One man band projects from Salt Lake City..
-Young and Dead

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Track Name: It's My Turn
My life is at a cross roads ripping through the things I hate
Don't tell me you know how I feel cause I know you can't relate.
To those nights left alone wondering where your life has gone,
And knowing everything that you did was pointless all along.
Like the days I wasted in the school that I always seemed to hate, and now at the job that I can't fucking take.

The substances that stole my friends have got them for good,
And all the times I said no, no one fucking understood.
Well I wont sit back and let this world run my life,
I'll stand up for myself until the day I fucking die.
Cause it's my life and now it's finally my turn,
If you could see through my eyes then you could watch as the world burned.
Track Name: Day In/Day Out
Societies got you, its got you trapped.
Its gotta hold on you and there's no looking back.
Its got you by the throat and you don't know what to do,
You either work a job you hate, or you can't afford food.
So put on a suit, and tie the noose around your neck,
And everything you used to be, you'll soon forget.
Well it's a sad fucking world when you can't live how you want,
Living your life like a mindless robot.

Day in, day out
There's no future that i can see.
Day in, day out
There's no hope for you and me.

Dick head bosses from one job to another,
Well there's more to this life than just being a number.
Instead of pissing away your life without a thought,
Quit your job and live your life the way you want.
Don't forget who you are and stand up for yourself,
And if anyones in your way tell them all to go to hell.
Don't be afraid cause you got nothing to lose,
Quit your job and cut the fucking noose.
Track Name: My Life, My World (The Virus)
You do exactly what you want to,
When you answer to no none.
You live exactly how you want to,
For you today has just begun.

It's my life i choose to,
It's my life fuck you.
Never surrender.
It's my life and my world.

You always have to have your own way,
So why would you want to change right now?
It's my life and want to have my say,
No one can tell me that, oh no.

It's my life I choose to,
It's my life so fuck you.
Never surrender.
It's my life and my world.

* Written by The Virus *